About the course.

  • It is a practical Excel based course on analyzing and reporting financial data
  • It focuses on Working with Databases, Maintaining Financial Statements.
  • You will understand the concepts from scratch
  • Step by step tutorials and templates will be provided


The participant should be familiar with at least very basic of excel.

Topics to be covered in the Course (There may be addition or deletions as per requirement)

  • Tips & Shortcuts to enhance the use of Excel on day to day operations.
  • Formatting Techniques
  • Working with Charts & Graphs
  • Finance functions in Excel
  • Operators
  • Presenting Data using Charts
  • Conditional formatting
  • Using Data Validation
  • Text functions
  • Logical functions
  • Using Pivot Tables
  • Advanced Functions like LOOKUP, IF, Custom List etc
  • Working with multiple Workbooks
  • Using Workbook Protection
  • Converting and formatting MIS reports from Tally to Excel.