About the course:

A Central Excise Duty is an indirect tax, most commonly known as duty for Manufacturing of Goods / production for sale of specific goods; or, more narrowly, as a tax on the goods produced for sale, or sold, within a country. Apart from this excise have many rules and regulations, documentation and registers to be maintained.The Certificate Course is designed to provide extensive knowledge about the various aspects of the Central Excise for manufacturer and dealer.


Topics to be covered in the Course Central Excise Law:

  • Introduction of the Central Excise Law
  • Applicability of Central Excise
  • Different Types of companies under Central Excise
  • Registration under Central Excise Law
  • Classification of Excisable goods
  • Valuation of Excisable Goods and CAS-4
  • Invoicing, Computation and Payment of Central Excise Duty
  • Rules of availing and utilizing of CENVAT Credit as per Cenvat Credit Rules, 2004
  • PLA, CENVAT, DSA, RG 23.
  • Returns an ACES
  • ‘Job Worker’ under Central Excise Law
  • Export of Excisable goods under Rule 19 & 18
  • Imports of Excisable goods.
  • Refund and Rebate of Central Excise Duties
  • Preparation for Central Excise Audit of the department (EA-2000, CERA etc.)

Duration : One month

Fees to be paid in Cash / Cheque / in favour of “The Academy of Accounting Professionals”.

For fees & detailed contents, please see the prospectus.