Accounts & Taxation Training Institute in Pune

Welcome to The Academy Of Accounting Professionals (TAAP) one of the best institute in Pune which provides practical and professional training in the field of Accounts & Taxation.

Imagine a world without commerce. Impossible, right? We all know that commerce, Accounting, Taxation, Foreign Exchange, stock management go hand in hand. And to survive in this commercial world, not just education, but a professional education in accounts & taxation is very important. A better opportunity in a competitive world is definitely the dream every commerce person looks for.

Certification in Accounting & Taxation along with any accounting software like Tally ERP 9, QuickBooks, etc is always an added advantage for any student, professionals or businessmen.

Accounting offers a variety of specializations, including tax, accounting, financial accounting, and managerial accounting. Tax accounting requires strong research skills and the ability to keep up with constantly changing rules and regulations. Along with hard skills it is important for tax accountants to cultivate good interpersonal skills.

It is of keen importance that the knowledge of accounting & taxation should be possessed by people from all backgrounds. Generally it is expected that only people from business administration background should possess such skills & virtues related to accounting & Taxation.

Accounting & Taxation skills are required to understand how the performance of a company is in the past, present & the future. Accounting & taxation can be used to determine the accuracy with which money is not wasted of any business organization.

The Academy of Accounting Professionals is one such institute in Pune which trains the candidate to make a professional career in the field of accounts & taxation.